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    Bund Level Detection


    Bund Level Detection


    Safety for tank farms and storage vessels.


    This application looks at the level detection of oils, solvents and hydrocarbons in bunds using liquid level switches and guided wave radar sensors.


    Main Application Details:


    Level detection using tuning forks and TDR sensors


    Oils, Solvents, Hydrocarbons




    Bund wall


    ATEX Bund Level Detection





    Flammable chemicals require safety measures to protect and warn against leakage. Storage vessels are normally contained in a “bund” with a capacity of 110% of vessel volume, these open bunds can also fill with rainwater. For highly flammable or hazardous products there is a basic need for a fail-safe leak bund detection alarm. Additionally, a pumping system which can distinguish between rainwater and product that can guard against product being pumped into drainage systems or rainwater causing tanks to ‘float’ or significantly reducing bund capacity is also most useful.




    Vibrating fork level detectors are ideal for warning of leaks or overfills in a bund as they detect any type of liquid, have continuous fault monitoring (SIL 2 conformance) and a remote test function. A test key on the instrument barrier can check the function of the system (switch, alarms, valve, pump). An additional device can be used for dry run protection of bund pump.


    A Guided microwave radar/TDR device can measure both level and interface with non-conductive media such as hydrocarbons and resins even if floating on water. It can be used for monitoring and control pumping out of product or rainwater when a level is detected in the bund.




    Tuning fork detectors use the dampening of vibration to detect any type of liquid, ideal as a safety high-level device for unpredictable or changing liquids.


    TDR technology can detect both the total liquid level and transmit through a non-conductive liquid and reflect off the water interface (e.g. oil on water) to provide an interface measurement from a single device. It can be fitted inside a stilling tube with holes to protect the measurement and allow the interface to be detected.


    Benefits of using tuning forks and guided wave radar sensors in this type of application:


     High level switch is product independent, self monitoring & test function for periodic validation

     TDR provides product and Rain water detection system to maximise efficiency of bund and pump

     No moving mechanical parts/floats

     ATEX approvals and SIL conformance




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       Vibrating Switches Guided Microwave









    Above: Vibrating tuning fork detectors mounted on the bund wall. Water and Leak detection with a TDR device down to the lowest point in the bund.


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