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    Ship Fuel Tank Level Measurement


    heavy fuel oilHFO Heavy Fuel Oil Tanks

    Ship fuel tank level measurement is another interesting shipping industry application.  Ship fuel is not fed straight into the main engine, as first of all the HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil) is pumped and then separated into a settling tank (buffer tank).

    The settling tank is connected to the service tank (day tank).  This service tank is filled via a continuous overflow from the settling tank and is also connected with the main engine.  The oil is heated in both the settling and service tank to make sure that an even temperature of between +75C and +90C (or +167F and +194F) is maintained, as this keeps the heavy fuel oil (HFO) at a consistency that can be pumped easily.

    Ship Fuel Tank Level Measurement with VEGAFLEX 61

    Ship fuel tank level measurement is quite a tricky application, as the heavy fuel oil that is stored in the service and settling tanks contains a number of different chemical compounds, has a high storage temperature and let off sticky oil vapours.

    These problems are easily mastered by the VEGAFLEX 61 Guided Wave Radar sensor.  The cable version is ideal for marine heavy fuel oil tank level measurement, as it gives a reliable measurement from being mounted through the top of the tank and easily calibrated.

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