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    Chocolate Vessel Level Controls


    Chocolate food for the soul

    The centre stage of the chocolate production consists of a system of vessels with stirrers, the rolling mill and the conche. The liquid cocoa mass is pumped into the vessels via pipeline systems. To prevent deposit of cocoa particles and rising of cocoa butter the mass is permanently set in motion very slowly at a temperature of 45C.
    The production of different chocolate types is a very complicated procedure not only in respect to the hygienic conditions, but also because of its direct contact with the medium, the sensor must be highly abrasion resistant.


    Pressure and level measurement with VEGABAR 52
    VEGABAR 52 with its CERTEC measuring cell made of sapphire ceramic offers a gap-free surface and is suited for flush mounting into pipelines and vessels. Sapphire ceramic is ten times harder than steel and withstands even the microscopic abrasion caused by the solids.

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