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VEGAFLEX Guided microwave liquid, solid & interface measurement & switching

Level Guided Wave Radar Measurement

VEGA level indication with VEGAFLEX 80 Guided Wave Radar or TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry).
VEGA are the worlds’ No.1 process radar manufacturer, with the experience of hundreds of thousands of installations world-wide. In 1997 VEGA introduced the first two wire, loop powered radar to the market, and VEGA have remained leaders in the field of process radar level measurement ever since.

VEGAFLEX Guided Wave Radar transmitters or Guided microwave (also referred to as guided microwave or TDR ) are for measurement and level indication on almost any liquid or solid and they can also be used for interface on some applications. Guided Wave Radar is virtually unaffected by changes to product or process like temperature, pressure, density, conductivity, vapours, build up or dust. Although VEGAFLEX is in process contact, it’s almost universal, with very rugged designs and extremely reliable. No moving parts on a Guided Wave Radar system means no recalibration is needed and no floats to stick. All units have built in linearisation software to calculate the level versus shape and provide a direct output of volume. They can be used in:

  • Storage tanks – level accuracy to 2mm and special hygienic versions
  • Process vessels - temperatures to 450°C and 400 Bar
  • Level indication of bulk solids in silo’s and hoppers up to 75m
  • Liquid Interface level in separator vessels (twin analogue output available)
  • Displacer replacement: level in chambers and bridles with VEGAMAG and VEGAPASS options

Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, Food, Dairy, Beverage, Paper, Automotive, Aggregates, Steel, Water and Waste Water and Marine… and many others - just ask us for details.

VEGAFLEX TDR, Guided Wave Radar, is usually mounted from the top. It’s extremely easy to calibrate and uses a very small entry to the vessel (from ¾” BSP) this saves cost and time in both installation and set up. VEGAFLEX is part of the plics® family:

  • Uses plics® platform for uniform design, feel and operation
  • Make selection easier, for faster ordering and delivery
  • Simple set up, faster commissioning, saves you time and money
  • Asset Management built in - event memory and data logging to NE107
  • Cost of purchase and ownership among the lowest in its class.

  • Very easy to set up, sensors can be supplied pre-calibrated
  • Intelligent level transmitter with automated, dynamic response mechanisms
  • Measuring range up to 60 m and can measure very close to the sensor
  • High resolution, high security of measurement – unaffected by dust, vapours or build up
  • Auto run time compensation for saturated steam and flooded chamber interface
  • 4…20 mA two-wire sensors (loop powered) HART, Modbus FF and Profibus

  • Unaffected by product changes: density, conductivity, moisture, conductivity etc.
  • No influence from surface reflections, such as agitation, foam or angle of repose from solids
  • Overfill protection system and SIL 2/3 IEC61508 conformance
  • ATEX, FDA, 3A, EHDGE, Marine, WHG, EN 72hr boiler control approvals
  • On solids and powders, filling clouds/dust and obstructions that cause many ultrasonic sysems to mis-read are no problem either

VEGAFLEX transmits microwave radar pulses, which are ‘guided’ along the surface of a rod or cable suspended from top to bottom of a vessel. These ‘doughnut’ shaped pulses travel in a field of around 500mm diameter, unless it is mounted inside a tube or standpipe. When the pulses reach the product surface, they are reflected back up the guide to the sensor. The elapsed time period between transmission and reception of the signal (at the speed of light!) is measured and calculated as a distance and converted to level or volume.

Easy, just contact us! An experienced area engineer is your dedicated point of contact, backed by a focussed customer service team. We can give you prices delivery and advice fast over the phone; send you information, application data and references. Most of all, we’d like to discuss your application, to ensure the right solution, first time, to suit your process, budget and installation needs .

See our VEGAFLEX product range, applications, case studies, download our product information, manuals etc or use our Advanced Search to find other range products and technologies for your requirements.

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